We are a full service seat weaving company.  We only use the best materials available in this country.

  • Handwoven and pre-woven cane

  • Rush

  • Danish Cord

  • Splint

  • Shaker Tape

  • Canoe Seat Replacement

  • Porch Rockers


We do not stain, or paint cane. Cane is a natural product and will darken with age. We do not recommend painting or staining your new cane, this only takes away from the life of the cane. If you need your new cane stained for a color match to a set of chairs, please see a furniture re finisher, they are the experts at staining furniture.


We do not repair furniture. If your piece is broken please have it repaired first. If you chair has been in a garage or attic for years, please clean it up a little.

We do not clean furniture.

We do not pick up or deliver.