To get a price estimate follow the pictures. Hand cane is a 1.75 per hole.

Count all of the holes around the seat.

Press cane is $6.00 per inch, measured at the widest point of the seat.

Rush seats are $6.00 per inch, measured at the widest point of the seat.

Other weaves start at $6.00 per inch., 

measured at the widest point of the seat.

This is for an ESTIMATE only.

Prices are set only after we have seen and measured the chair.

Each piece is unique and may require additional charges. It is always best to bring your piece in for us to see.

You are welcome to email a picture of your piece, but keep in mind, we can not count the holes or measure a seat from a picture.

Our Work: All work is hand done, therefore we have an extensive wait time. We only work from a waiting list, there are no exceptions. To be added to the list, call, or stop in. We call each person from the waiting list in order, if we call and get an answering machine we will leave a message, and then call only one more time before we move onto the next person in line. We have been working off of this list for the last six years, it's not going to change, so it is best to just get in line.

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