JPT Chair Caning

903 Brandywine Blvd

Wilm., De. 19809



JPT Chair Caning, LLC., Is owned and operated by Jackie and Paula. We started taking weaving lesson’s in 2000 and found that the more we learned, the more we enjoyed the art of seat weaving. In 2001 we accepted our first customer working out of our home. By 2003 we needed more room to work so we opened our first  storefront to the public.


We repair hand woven, and pressed in cane, fibre rush, reed, Danish cord, shaker tape, and porch rocker weaves. Please call for pricing.


We also sell the supplies needed for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

We now offer lessons. Lessons are approximately one hour, and cost $35.00 per lesson. Some techniques may take as many as six lessons. Materials are extra.


Some of our notable clients include:

Former Vice President Joe and Dr. Jill Biden

The late Governor of Delaware, Russell Peterson

Trustees of Historic New Castle, Delaware

Rockwood Museum

St Peters Church, New Castle, Delaware

Greenville Country Club